Decorative Paints


York Aluminium Paint is a high performace, superior grade aluminium paint. It is given seperately as medium paste in a dual container. Mix both the ingredients according to the qauntity required and use the same within an hour. It gives a silvery shiny finish when it is applied on metal & wooden surfaces. The product is manufactured with a special grade of resin having zero acid property which results in shiny finish when applied. It is widely used in places like oil storage, petrol storage tanks, steel structures, grills, gates, shutter, electric poles, corrugated roofs, air coolers and many more places. It is important to make the surface dry and free from surface contaminants such as oil, grease, soluble salts, rust, millscale, etc before applying the over-coat. Where necessary round off all rough weld seams and sharp edges to a smooth surface. Mechanically clean the surface using hand or power tools before painting the surface. Apply suitable primer such as Rajcoat Redoxide primer for metal substrates or Rajcoat pink Wood Primer for wood.

Application procedure: Stir contents of the tin thoroughly before use. Thinning is not usually required.
Area of Application : Iron and wood surfaces
Coating System: 2 coats Available Packing - Drum : 20 ltr.,10 ltr., Container : 4 ltr., 1ltr., 500ml., 200ml., 100ml. & 50ml.