Decorative Paints


York Synthetic Enamel is a high quality full gloss, hard drying enamel based on a special alkyd resin. It is used as a finish coat on wood, metals and plasters in both interiors and exteriors. It has excellent flow and brushability to give a uniform & smooth finish. It provides a tough glossy film which is water and stain resistant. Performance Features :
· Excellent gloss
· Excellent flow & levelling
· Excellent adhesion
· Strong & durability
· For Interior / Exterior use.
Area of Application : Wood, Metals, Plaster and other suitable primed interior surfaces .
Coating System : 2 Coats
Available Packing - Drum : 20 ltr.,10 ltr., Container : 4 ltr., 1ltr., 500ml., 200ml., 100ml. & 50ml.